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2016-09-11 08:42

While I wait for evidence pictures of my bachelorette party, I thought I’d talk about music. I big puffy heart dancing, and while I was gettin’ down with my ladies this past weekend it really made me excited to dance on our wedding day. Really excited.

When we first started planning our wedding way back when, in an effort to save money, we decided an iPod reception was the way to go. I would make the playlists, simple and free. Done and done, right? Wrong. I have read posts and comments about doing this, and while it is still the right choice for some couples, I got scared. An iPod reception is totally doable, we just changed our minds.

We are saving money and DIY’ing 97% (I just made that percentage up) of this wedding ourselves. I realized a few months ago that there were two areas I didn’t want to do ourselves: the food (I know, I haven’t talked about our food—that is coming!) and the music. There are too many wild cards. What happens if someone wants to request a song? I’m that girl who always requests a song songs; I’d probably be mad I couldn’t do that at my own wedding. What if the party is really diggin’ the ’90s music and I’ve got a whole bunch of country music lined up after “Juicy” plays? And, AND what if we had a technical error?! I cannot have a music-less reception. Too much stress.

The Honeys’ musical tastes are all over the board. Mr. Honey listens to the AC/DC or George Clinton station on Pandora. While I tend toward Snoop Dogg or Lady Gaga. We both frequent the George Strait and Bob Marley stations. That covers country,香港赛马会官方网资料, funk, rock, rap/hip hop,1.年纪25周岁以上, reggae, and pop. Whoa. If the mister had his way, and our wallets were fuller, we would have a funk band. That guy can get down to some funk. To me, though, a one-genre band just doesn’t do it. The most listened to playlists on my iPod are titled “Dirty Dirty” and “Boot Scootin,” or hip hop and country. This would be my ideal concert:???

Snoop Dogg & Jason Aldean at the CMAs 2008

???As much as I like to think I could create the ultimate playlist to meet all of the above genres, I just know I couldn’t. At my friend J.Summer’s wedding in July I chatted with the DJs she hired…who also happened to be the guys that spun for high school parties back in the day, so I know they got skillz. I sent them a Facebook message, they sent me the contract, and just like that we’ve got ourselves some DJs. Even better is that since I’ve been friends with them for over a decade (that makes me feel real old), they are giving us a deal on the price. It will be nice to have friends be the ones in charge of setting the dancing tone of our evening, which is why we ultimately decided to let go of the iPod reception. I can craft; I can’t spin. An added bonus was that by filling out the contract I was forced to make some decisions about important wedding songs. A few more things knocked off that ever-growing list—hooray!

Where do you fall in the music-vendor arena? iPod, band, or DJ??More importantly, who else is a fan of hip hop AND country??

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